Multis allows teammates to initiate payment, saving admins time

Now Teammates can initiate payments

Empowering teammates to initiate payments

Lots of users told us that only letting admins initiate and approve payments slowed down operations. Now teammates can also set them up, all admins have to do is approve them with a single click. We know that this will go along way in making team operations smoother. Please note, while a teammate can set up a payment, they still can’t approve it. Only admins can do this.

Other improvements

  • The flow to track a wallet has been revamped. You can now track multiple networks at the same time.
  • When approving a transaction, we now automatically detect if you are on the right signing wallet. If not, we’ll notify you so you can switch to the right one.
  • We now give our users the option to filter by wallets or by periods on the Insights’ page.
  • Payment and tracked wallets are now clearly dissociated on the Portfolio page.



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