Feeling at home from my first week at Multis

Before starting a new job, you always wonder “ Kind of stressful, right ? Well, getting along with the team was a fundamental (maybe even the most important) point for me and the Multeam understood that, right from the beginning.

During the interview process, they invited me to share a few drinks, slices of pizza and rice pudding, to make me meet everyone. After we mutually decided to unite for better or worse, I still had a three-month notice, which can be a long time when your heart now belongs to someone else. And they kept inviting me whenever they had a team event. For Christmas. To celebrate their fundraising. To try an authentic Armenian restaurant.

That’s why Multis already felt like home the day I officially joined, which is a great chance for the introvert I am, who tends to freak out internally in large groups of new people.

Feeling part of the team : check ! Now, let’s focus on learning about crypto. I’m not going to deny it, I’m quite a noob in this matter. Smart contracts, MetaMask, ERC-20, fiat, everything felt so confusing to me. Obviously, Multis already knew this before they hired me. And this is one of the things I love about them. Above all, they want to hire curious people, eager to learn, with potential and a touch of madness. And the Multeam is no exception to the rule. I discovered a bunch of passionate and funny people, always willing to help whenever I have a question. I know I will learn A LOT from them, and I’ve already done so.

Now that my onboarding week is over, I cannot wait to devote myself to what I was recruited for : talent management. The list of challenges is endless, and how exciting! Even though we are still an early stage startup with 11 employees, it is so nice to see that the emphasis has been placed on both the product and the human side. Few startups understand so early the importance of surrounding themselves with a talent manager. I am so glad Multis did and so grateful they reached out to me to make the company my playground. I discussed several topics with Thibaut, our CEO, from day one. He was very attentive and, above all, showed me that I was trusted and that my feedback mattered. Because trust is one of our core values. You are empowered and trusted as soon as you join.

If you want to know more about us or our recruitment opportunities, I would be very happy to discuss it with you. Do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn :)



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