Evolving together with Multis

Read about the first week of Milos Mrdakovic, our newest full stack engineer.

Although I’ve been involved with crypto and DeFi for quite some time, I have never been more excited about the evolving ecosystem than now. Just, wow! So many interesting projects emerging on a daily basis that I can hardly keep track of.

Historically, crypto platforms were more centred toward technical users, leaving a huge gap for practical, day-to-day usage. Only recently we see well-designed, user-centred platforms on-boarding users into this new world of possibilities. One of them, firmly securing its position as a go-to platform for businesses to manage their crypto assets is — Multis.

As of this week, I’ve started to work on Multis wallet, where I found a unique opportunity to combine my love of DeFi with Clojure programming. Here, I am looking to expand my knowledge of various technologies powering what’s known today as web3, DeFi, and what we’ve yet to see in the future.

Projects of this size inevitably grow in complexity with time, which makes it hard to query both technical and operational information, and especially painful for a newcomer to onboard. On the contrary with Multis.

The very first thing I noticed is a meticulous job my teammates have done to establish a strong, async-first company culture with all information available at my fingertips. Equipped with this goldmine of information, and some magic setup scripts, I was enabled and encouraged to make my first contributions in no time.

Overall, my first week was a roller coaster: I’ve had my first features — and a bug; feelings of fulfilment — and doubt; but that’s the beauty of a start-up, and with the right attitude, on a long run, I know it benefits me the most. I am glad to be here at the forefront of innovation, and excited to see what the future brings us!



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Multis is an all-in-one application to help web3 organizations to manage their crypto finances.