Bulk categorize transactions and close your books twice as fast

Multis HQ
1 min readMar 31, 2022

Following user feedback, we’ve made it easier to categorize and annotate transactions on Multis accounts.

When you go to the “Transactions” section you’ll notice a tick-box to the left of every entry. Users can select as many entries as needed (or select all), then click on “+ category/note” on the upper right hand side. They can then add a category label and/or a note to every selected transaction. Speeding up labelling means you can close your books faster and you can get more out of the category breakdown charts on our “Insights” tab.

Of course, we know that not every transaction needs to be labelled and categorized. That’s why you can now filter for “uncategorized” entries in the “Transactions” section of your Multis accounts. If you’re still behind on closing the books on Q1- this should help you get it done in record time!

Other improvements

  • “?” icon in the sidebar now redirects to our FAQ.
  • Fix where export transactions CSV based on dates was broken
  • Fixed an issue where users imported from JIRA could have invalid email addresses on account
  • “Current balance” tile is now impacted by the wallet filters on the insights page



Multis HQ

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