Multis is the #1 software that lets businesses and DAOs manage their crypto finances conveniently.

Built on Gnosis Safe, our multisig wallet is self custodian and FDIC insured. Crypto-based organizations can create an account for their company and connect it to the wallet. Our dashboard will track their treasury and cash flows. Using their company account, managers can add their teammates and manage their crypto payroll saving time using our mass pay feature. Multis makes crypto accounting more convenient through integrations with Quickbooks and the ability to export your transactions as CSV and sharing them with your accountants in edit mode.

With Multis you gain:

Visibility — Multis is your single source of truth so you always know what's going on with your organization's crypto.

Control — Get insights and monitor team's crypto transactions to prevent issues with outgoing payments.

Time — Spend and close your books 5x faster. No need to hire extra resources to process and log crypto transactions.

Team and Culture

We are a founding team of happy and passionate crypto-dreamers: Thibaut (CEO) and Greg (CTO), with backing from world-class US and European investors like Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures and eFounders. Our company is incorporated in San Francisco but we are working from Paris and Europe for now.

The Multeam is a happy and passionate bunch whose ambition is to shake things up, in finance, and in general. But it's not all crypto all the time, we're equally as passionate about tacos, asmr, ukele music, celery, cyberpunk, hot pots, tarot cards, dog memes, Rome, and funky shirts. We see ourselves as free spirits constantly experimenting and challenging the status quo.

Be prepared: we're vocal against the legacy world, from banking to titles. We also value humility and candid communication, because we strive to learn. We're Multis.

Multis HQ

Multis is an all-in-one application to help web3 organizations to manage their crypto finances.